Monday, January 30, 2017


¡Hola mis amigos!
Hey friends!

No sé dónde empezar, este última semana ha sido un milagro de verdad. Primero, recibimos la llamada de traslados, y averiguamos que ambas de la hermana Greenberg y yo tuvimos que salir. Fue triste, pero recibimos buenos nuevos también. Entonces, dije adiós a muchos queridos amigos en Lakeland:
I don't know where to start, this last week has honestly been a miracle. First, we received the transfer call and found out that both Hermana Greenberg and I had to leave. It was sad, but we also received some good news. So, I said goodbye to a lot of good friends in Lakeland:

Y tuvimos una reunión mundial para la misión! (Este era los buenos nuevos)
And we had a Worldwide Mission Reunion! (That was the good news) 
Nos encontramos con las otras hermanas misioneras en la misión: hermana Smith, hermana Chávez, hermana Gucake, hermana Anderson, hermana Greenberg, hermana Whitlock, y yo! Tuvimos un poco divertido cambiando cosas entre carros después de la reunión. 
We found ourselves with the other Spanish Sister Missionaries in the Mission. We had some fun changing everything around between our cars after the meeting. 

De verdad, ¡la reunión era lo mejor! Hablamos sobre la importancia de seguir la doctrina de Cristo y bautizar a los que realmente se han arrepentido. Yo recibí mucha inspiración en cómo debo hacer la Obra aquí y estoy aplicándola. 
The meeting was the best! We talked about the importance of following the Doctrine of Christ and baptizing those who really have repented. I received a lot of inspiration in how to do the Work here and I am applying it.

Entonces, ¡el miércoles empezamos de trabajar juntas! 
So, Wednesday we started working together! (Otros buenos nuevos)

Y cada día hemos visto milagros. Realmente no tengo espacio ni tiempo para escribir sobre todos, pero lo mejor probablemente era anoche. Hablamos con alguien que nos dijo que no quería ser bautizado hasta que se haya arrepentido de sus pescados y estuviera listo de empezar su vida nuevamente en Cristo. Lo invitamos a seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo y dejar sus pecados atrás, y la aceptó. Vamos a reunirnos con él otra vez hoy. He sido escribiendo mucho en mi diario recientemente y estoy agradecida que tengo tiempo para hacerlo, porque sin la habilidad de escribir, perderé muchas memorias. 
And everyday we have seen miracles. Honestly, I don't have time or space to write about everything, but the best thing was probably last night. We talked to someone that told us they didn't want to be baptized until they had repented of all their sins and were ready to start their life anew in Christ. We invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and leave his sins behind, and he accepted. We are going to meet with him again today. I have been writing a lot in my journal recently and I am grateful that I have time to do so, because without the ability to write, I would lose a lot of memories.

Algunos discursos y escrituras:
"It is a Privelege" Liahona Oct 1988, A. Lynn Scoresby
1 Nefi 3
"Safety for the Soul" por elder Jeffrey R Holland en la Liahona de Oct 2013

También, ¡las hermanas tienen más música de Nashville Tribute Band! Estamos escuchando su álbum "Redeemer" ahora. (: 
Also, the Hermanas have more Nashville Tribute Band CDs! We are listening to Redeemer right now. (:

Espero que tengan una semana feliz! 

Hermanita Jensen

This work is the best thing in the whole world! I would not trade the experiences I am having for anything in the whole world! 
¡Este Obra es lo mejor en el mundo entero! ¡No intercambiaría las experiencias que estoy teniendo por ninguna cosa en este mundo!

Monday, January 23, 2017

4th times a charm!

Hola mis amigos y mi familia!

So, transfers are this week! And we are both leaving! It's going to be crazy! I am going to Cortez! And I will be in a TRIO AGAIN! (This will be my fourth time) I am going to be joining Hermana Anderson and Hermana Gucake! Familiar name? Yes! I am excited to be her companion once again! Hermana Greenberg will be joining Hermana Smith and Hermana Chavez in Tampa 5!! It is going to be a wild ride! I am super excited for her to experience all the wonderful things in Tampa and to be able to spread her wings out there! I'm also excited to see what Cortez holds!

It is sad to leave here though. I have met a lot of wonderful people and we just found a bunch of families here that are ready to learn. Luckily, the Elders in the neighboring Spanish area will be covering for us a little, so everything will work out. I think that this area needs Elders because we have found a lot of men recently who we haven't really been able to connect with. There are also a few prospective Missionaries that we can't just go on splits with, and it will be better for them to be with Elders.

So, we are leaving, but looking forward with faith! 

Here are some pictures from the week:
The Lopez family, former members of Elder Foster's Ward in Ft Lauderdale! We are excited they will be in the branch! 

We went to the Lake Hamilton District on Tuesday before an exchange!

So Wednesday is a special day! Hermana Greenberg turns 20! We have been celebrating today because we won't get to on Wednesday! 

This week has been amazing and I have seen the Lord's hands in every moment. They released some new Spanish Youth songs that have really helped both of us to catch the Spirit this week! My favorite, and one that is especially fitting for this week is this one:


1. Siempre ̮estuvimos unidos aquí.

Peleas, perdones, llorar y reír.

Por malas y buenas vivencias pasar

y ̮a todo ̮ese tiempo jamás renunciar.

Es lo que tenemos, unión familiar.

Lo ̮hicimos y nada nos va ̮a separar.

Nada va ̮a separar nos. Oh. Oh.

Intentarán lograrlo. Oh. Oh.

Y venga lo que venga,

nada va ̮a separar nos ya.

2. No ̮importa qué ̮ocurra, estamos ahí.

Luchamos a muerte y ̮así hasta ̮el fin.

Un nuevo camino la ̮edad nos dará.

Seguimos unidos y no cambiará.

Es lo que tenemos, unión familiar.

Lo ̮hicimos y nada nos va ̮a separar.

Nada va ̮a separar nos. Oh. Oh.

Intentarán lograrlo. Oh. Oh.

Y venga lo que venga,

nada va ̮a separar nos ya.

3. Lazos así no se rompen.

Ni la muerte podrá.

Este amor durará para siempre;

no tiene fin.

Nada va ̮a separar nos. Oh. Oh.

Intentarán lograrlo. Oh. Oh.

Y venga lo que venga,

nada va ̮a separar nos ya.

Que tengan una semana feliz!!

Hermanas Jensen y Greenberg

Monday, January 16, 2017

Doubt Not Fear Not

This is a picture from our Weekly Planning Session. It was my third time doing a weekly planning session that week and we had to take a giggle break in order to be productive and focus!

This is all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the Mission! Elder Casperson and Sister Myers are going home this transfer, so it was a bittersweet meeting, but the spirit was really strong and I learned a lot!

On Sunday last it was pretty cold here in Florida!

Our Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday (:

We don't act like this all the time, I promise!

Some crafty things my Mom and Sister made me for Christmas (:

Okay! I think that's all the fun things that have happened....

Just kidding, on Tuesday we went to Institute with Jose to translate and it was awesome! We talked about the Family: a Proclamation to the World and President Morgan really opened my eyes to some neat things! Apparently, it took 8 months to draft that document, imagine how much thought must have been put into each sentence and word! We examined parts of it (I felt like I was back in Mrs. Howell's Composition Class or Mr. Willards Literature Class) and talked about why they used specific words. He challenged us to continue studying it and to put thought into it! We went through some of it with Jose on Saturday and it was really cool! We actually found the document in Sign Language, so he could watch it instead of just reading it!

We met some cool people this week too and I am excited to start teaching them!

Cool note, I was on an exchange in Lake Wales two weeks ago and met a man named Jerry, turns out he has since been to church and wants to be baptized by the end of February! How neat is that?! (Name that video;)

I found this Mormon add and really like it a lot. Sometimes I think we feel like this life is a lot bigger and crazier than it needs to be and we forget that in the grand scheme of things, God is so much bigger than everything here on earth. I know that as we look to him, we need not fear and have no reason to doubt.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Hermana Jensen

Hola mis amigos!

These past two weeks have been really crazy!

Remember Jose? Well, we convinced him to come to church again after
his old friends told him not to, and then to a Devotional that night
for Young Single Adults. That along with the member support he has
received has really helped him feel the spirit and recognize the
guidance he has received from God. He has really been doing a lot
better and has felt the spirit guiding him home! He is going to start
an ASL class to help others learn how to communicate with him and we
are super excited for it!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

On Tuesday we had an exchange! I got to spend some time with Sister Na'a from Tonga, and my companion went with Sister Anderson (my Sister Training Leader companion). We had a lot of fun and it was absolutely amazing!

It's pretty fun spending time with Missionaries! Sister Na'a and I visited a woman named Fany and were able to help her feel the spirit and we invited her to come to church this Sunday! It was a super powerful lesson!

On Wednesday, we met back up and visited some members we haven't seen in a long time, as well as our dear brother Luis. He is so funny. We are still working with him on changing his life for the better, but he has really grown on me since coming to Lakeland. We decided we can call him Tio Luis after our missions.

On Thursday we went on another exchange! It was a blast! I ran a 400m again and realized how out of shape I've become 😅so that was a needed wake up call! It actually wasn't that bad for not having ran one in almost a year, so I just need to make some time during my exercise time to sprint more so I can beat my brother when I get home. ;)

I was with Sister Briggs and Sister Anderson was with Sister Zinck! It was fun because Sister Briggs was companions with my trainer the week before I got to Florida, so we shared some fun stories! (Cough cough, Sister Gibson!!)

On Friday we visited Jose and actually got some really sad news... he used to be a member of another church and his friends basically said he had to choose them or the mormons. Well, because he is deaf, it would mean losing all the people he can communicate with... he is trying to have faith, but they have been tearing it down. We are trying to help him be strong and recognize the new friends he has made. Please keep him in your prayers this week, he is such a great guy and has such potential as a son of God!

This was a candid shot we got of him during a lesson. We need to get one of him all dressed up for church too!

Saturday was crazy! We ate pig, like someone killed a pig that morning and cooked it all day, spent some time with an Angel, and saw fireworks!

This is Angel! We couldn't make it over to his house for dinner that night because of some other things that came up, but we made it to the church and FaceTimed him!

Sunday Fany came to church and Angel got the Gift of the Holy Ghost and it was just fantastic! We visited them after church and Barbies mom made Tamales! Except for they were special, made as if they were from Nicaragua, so they were literally the best Tamales I've ever eaten!

It has been a pretty full week!

Some things worth Reading:
"Meeting the Challenges of Today's World" by Elder Robert D Hales from October 2015 Gen Conf.
2 Nephi 31-33
Philippians 4

Next week is going to be even more crazy!

I hope everyone has a great week and that your New Years Resolutions can be a little more Resolute this year!

Love you all!

Hermana JensenWow! It's 2017! Can you believe it?!

This week has been awesome! We had a Zone Activity Day that was
probably one of the most fun to date! We had a white elephant sock
exchange and then played Mafia, but with a Book of Mormon twist! It
was fun to see everyone interact and their personalities come out. We
ended the night with District Meetings (where an assigned group of
missionaries get together and have scripture study) and it was super
insightful. We talked about Christ's doctrine and how it applies to