Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekly Report

Hola mis amigos!!!

Okay, gotta type fast this week, as always.

It has been a crazy awesome week!

We had transfers on Wednesday and our Ward received a new set of Hermanas, so there are 3 sets of missionaries now serving in the Cortez Ward! It is awesome! Hermana Chavez came here with a new Hermana, named Hermana Scanlan! They are great. We also will get to have our own Spanish District now because there are enough of us to put together a District, so Tuesdays will be a blast! I am looking forward for the opportunity to immerse myself even more in the Spanish language!

Things are going really well here! The Elders will be having a baptism this week and we are going to have a Missionary Bootcamp on Sunday night, to teach the principles of Missionary Work to the members of the ward. It is going to be amazing.

Miracle this week.... Too many!

We had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Leo and Suzie and the Bishop's family and it was definitely spirit led. We planned to talk about Lehi's Dream from the Book of Mormon, and when we sat down and started chatting before the lesson, Bishop Partida said "Leo you have to hold tight to the Iron Rod!" It was so cool. We said, "Bishop, that is exactly what we are talking about today! How did you know?" We were all laughing at the end too, because he did this little activity, which was also exactly what we had written down in our plans! Either we are pretty easy to figure out, or our Bishop is called of God. I think the latter of the two is true.

On Thursday, we had our first "Member Meal." We had dinner lined up with Leo and Suzie and a couple from the ward, but Leo and Suzie had to cancel last minute, so we just ate with the member couple instead. Well, it was so cool. It's the first time in my whole mission that I have just eaten dinner in a members home, without having investigators there, and the spirit was just so strong. She even called another couple to come join us who will be getting sealed on the 19th of August, so we were able to share a message with everyone. It was so amazing to feel the spirit work through us and feel that the message we were sharing was what they needed at that time. I know that God guides his children and that we are called to the Wards/Branches/Stakes we are called to to uplift and bless those we serve with.

Saturday, was amazing. (But then again, Missionary Work in general is amazing!) (:
So, we were south of our apartment around 8:15, and we were debating going home early in order to catch up on 12 Week, when Adonay, a former investigator, called us. He said "I see your car parked across the street, why don't you come visit me anymore?" We said that we had tried to come by a few times, but he had never answered, and we didn't even have his most recent phone number to call him about anything. Anyways, we decided to go by and he wants to learn again! It was cool because he told us about his doubts and how he really just wants to know and we talked about how he can pray and receive answers and shared Elder Bednar's comparison about how to receive answers from the spirit. Such a miracle.

We were asked to read "The Greatest Generation of Young Adults" by Elder M Russell Ballard from the April 2015 General Conference in preparation for District Meeting this week, and it is definitely worth the read! He made a few references to the Army of Helaman, and it has caused me to ask myself 3 questions:

"How can I be more like the stripling warriors?"
"How can I learn to teach more like their mothers taught them, while I teach my investigators?"
"How can I become more like Helaman in the way that he leads them, with respect to the Sisters in the Zone?"

I thought it was so interesting how many ways I could apply this scripture to myself, and will be studying it out this week.

Hope everyone has an amazing week and that you share the light and love of Jesus Christ with those around you!

"ni uno solo de ellos habia perecido... y lo atribuimos con justicia al milagroso poder de Dios, por motivo de su extraoridnaria fe... que habia un Dios justo, y que todo aquel que no dudara, seria preservado por su maravilloso poder" (Alma 57:25-26).


Hermana Breanna Jensen

(Cortez Warriors, and Nelson!)

(Natalie and Honey!)

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